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Vision 2050: An Integrated Facilities and Land Use Plan for Michigan State University


Vision 2050 provides a framework for future development on the university’s campuses and landholdings. Guided by the MSU 2030 Strategic Plan, the plan was developed over approximately 24 months beginning in early 2022. It incorporates a diverse range of institutional goals into a set of near- and long-term recommendations guided by three strategic documents including the MSU 2030 Strategic Plan: Empowering Excellence, Advancing Equity and Expanding Impact, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, and the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Strategic Plan.

The plan recommendations reflect over 80 stakeholder interviews involving over 660 participants, an interactive map-based survey with nearly 900 respondents, and multiple public forums, which provided the consultant team a detailed understanding of the university’s facility needs, its strategic goals, and other contingent issues to future development.

Vision 2050, Part 1: Introduction & Executive Summary (PDF, 6.4MB)
Vision 2050, Part 2: Analysis Findings (PDF, 3.0MB)
Vision 2050, Part 3: Campus Frameworks (PDF, 6.3MB)
Vision 2050, Part 4: Precinct Frameworks (PDF, 9.3MB)
Vision 2050, Part 5: Appendix, Zoning Ordinance (PDF, 1.4MB)

MSU Urban Design Guidelines

Urban Design Guidelines, Part 1: North Campus (PDF, 9.8MB)
Urban Design Guidelines, Part 2: Central Campus (PDF, 11.2MB)
Urban Design Guidelines, Part 3: Southeast Campus (PDF, 6.8MB)
Urban Design Guidelines, Part 4: Southwest Campus (PDF, 7.4MB)
Urban Design Guidelines, Part 5: Street Sections (PDF, 3.5MB)